-“Remembering everything”: how to effortlessly make money off genealogical research?-

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Remembing Everything

There are many various reasons for turning to a genealogist – searching for your roots, reuniting with family, affirming your origins for immigration purposes or contesting a will. Where to begin the data search, how to find a relevant specialist? Our channel “Docarch Chronicles” gives you a unique access to the best, most experienced researches from all over the world.

Commercial genealogy is a pretty closed field, its’ news rarely make it to the media. At the same time, data search is a very expensive process. Iliya Yohimovich, a journalist, Russian actor, popularizer of genealogy, opened an educational YouTube channel “Docarch Chronicles” that helps people understand the mechanism behind genealogical research.

On his channel, he appears both as “wise and crafty clerk” and “document detective”, and also provides free consulting. Interviews and lectures by specialists in history, genealogy and archeology from around the world whose practical experience can be obtained first-hand, are regularly published here.

Remembing Everything

Applying this priceless information can save you a lot of money and even turn a significant profit by helping others do the research. After hearing those lectures, you could open our very own genealogical research business which doesn’t require large investments.

Normally, hiring an experienced researcher or genealogical research company, you have to pay 100,000-150,000 ruble just to get started. And that will only provide you with information regarding 3-4 generations of direct male relatives. Digging up all the data might take up to a year, which is considered normal for “growing” a genealogical tree.

Those who help in archival research know that the expenses don’t end even with 400,000 ruble. Conducting full research of your entire lineage 300-400 years back might come up to several millions, and that doesn’t even include the DNA tests.

Remembing Everything

Today the government is trying to conquer this market, but things are going very slowly. Not so long ago, a family tree compiling service was announced. For relatively small fee, they will look up records and issue brief references. However, they will not provide quality guarantees and will not help you restore the detailed history of how your ancestors lived. This takes a historian. In the meantime, it’s only limited to issuing a reference on the person you requested. And without enough experience and adequate specialists, there’s a good chance of mix-ups and mistakes.

This cheap method of discovering your heritage has its pros and cons. Conducting research through the government only costs some tens of thousands of rubles. On one hand, it’s nice, but on the other, cheap is never good - there are no conditions for attracting professional and motivated specialists. Because of that, prices for genealogical research services remain high.

Among the experts from “Docarch Chronicles” channel there are people who have been working in genealogical research for many years, including special archives.

Remembing Everything

There are particular rules and properties for working with those archives. Previously, these narrow specialists were not known to the general public. Now you can not only see them, but also contact them.

If previously genealogist’s role was rather unclear, today it becomes more obvious thanks to “Docarch Chronicles” channel. Majoring in history doesn’t always guarantee success in a field of genealogical research, experience and luck may play equal parts. Just like in any other field, there are those who blow their own horn and charge double, and the most humble yet competent specialists whom you would never hear about.

Even if it seems like some information was lost forever, don't jump to conclusions. Even a small piece of data that looks meaningless to you might be a clue to the whole picture while handled by professionals.

If you don’t know where to begin building your family tree, on our channel you can meet the specialists and get professional knowledge and experience totally free.

What are different documents supposed to look like, what’s in them? How apply for information in archives? All of them have their own rules and regulations for accessing the data. And you can only obtain additional explanations regarding work with archives and archival funds from experienced researchers. You can learn all that by yourself from Russian-speaking specialists from all over the world on our channel “Docarch Chronicles”. Come give it a try!